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Delaware Fake Driver License

A license must be applied for and received within any day after moving to Delaware. Apply in person at the following location:

All applicants for fake ID will be required to fill out an application and an eye screening must be passed. (Written and road tests may be given, but they are normally waived if your license is valid. Suspended and revoked licenses cannot be transferred until the withdrawal action is cleared.)

New residents should be prepared to turn in your previously issued out-of-state driver’s license (or have a current certified copy of your driving record); provide proof of identity, proof of legal presence, proof of social security number, and two proofs of DE residency. If your name has changed since birth, you will also need to provide proof of legal name change (marriage license, divorce decree). The DMV website has a complete list of acceptable documents as well as a “Document Selector Guide” located under Driver Services to you determine which documents to bring with you. If your out-of-state license has expired, bring in a current certified copy of your driving record from your previous state of residence and be prepared to take a written test.

Any driver under the age of 18 who was issued a Fake driver’s license by another state must also obtain a Delaware license within 60 days after becoming a Delaware resident. The applicant must have completed an approved driver education course. The Department of Education will ensure out-of-state courses are equivalent to Delaware driver education requirements.

The applicant must pass a written and road examination conducted by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles and an eye screening. The application must be signed by an approved sponsor. If the minor applicant was issued an out-of-state license for less than 12 months, he/she may be eligible for a Level 1 Learner’s Permit.

Military Members on active duty and their dependents are not required to acquire a Delaware license until 60 days after separation from the service. They may use a valid out-of-state license to drive in this State.

The Delaware DMV began issuing 8-year driver’s licenses January 1, 2012. Driver’s licenses may be issued for less than eight years depending on the length of a person’s authorized legal presence in the United States. The expiration date of a Delaware driver’s license will expire on the applicant’s birth date. An 8-year driver’s license is $40.

A motorcycle endorsement from another state is transferrable into the State of Delaware for a fee of $12. A commercial driver’s license is $48 with additional fees for specific endorsements. Commercial endorsements Tanker (N), Doubles/Triples (T) and Passenger (P) will also transfer into Delaware. The School Bus (S) endorsement does not transfer. Special restrictions apply to the transfer of a Hazmat (H/Z) endorsement such as knowledge testing, verification of favorable background investigation and proof of birth/immigration documents.

Motor Vehicle Registration

New residents must title/register their vehicles within 60 days after becoming a Delaware resident.

Initial Motor Vehicle Titling/Registration is accomplished by: (1) having the vehicle inspected at a Motor Vehicle Inspection lane (2) presenting a properly assigned Certificate of Title or manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. (Delaware title fee is $25.00 for cars without a lien and $35.00 for cars with a lien.) (3) paying a one-time document transfer fee of 3.75 percent of the value of the vehicle (minimum fee of $8.00). (4) presenting proof of residency and proof of valid Delaware liability insurance.

Used vehicles may be registered for up to four years depending on the model year of the vehicle. New current model year vehicles under 10,000 pounds registered gross weight may be registered for up to five years. The annual fee is $40.00 for the first  pounds for most vehicles.

Renewal of registration is accomplished by: (1) presenting the vehicle for inspection at a Motor Vehicle Inspection Lane (2) providing proof of insurance (3) providing the Vehicle Registration card. (4) payment of registration fee according to vehicle weight. (5) a $10.00 late fee is charged for late renewals.

Members in the military service and their dependents are not required to register vehicles until 60 days after separation from the service.

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