Colorado Fake ID

Colorado Fake Driver License

Colorado Fake Driver License
Fake Colorado Digital ID™

The contactless Colorado Digital ID™ is a secure electronic version of your driver license or state-issued identification (ID) card for proof of identification, age and address within the state.

Things to Know

  • Continue to carry your physical driver license or state-issued ID card for interactions with law enforcement, state government agencies and businesses who aren’t yet accepting Digital ID, as well as for use at airport TSA checkpoints.

  • Colorado Digital ID is currently only authorized for in-state use. Once the industry Mobile fake Driver License (mDL) and federal REAL ID Act standards for digital licenses are clarified, interstate use will be supported.

  • You may only have a single Digital ID. However, multiple people can create different profiles within the app using the same smartphone.

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Validity period of the real Colorado ID card: 5 years

Material used for real Colorado ID card: Teslin

Format of the license number on real Colorado ID card: nine digits formatted 00-000-0000, no spaces

Scanning areas of the real Colorado Fake ID card: a magnetic stripe, a 2-D bar code and a 1-D bar code

Special features of the real Colorado ID card:

  • Ghost photo on front.
  • UV ink state seal.
  • Administrator’s signature on photo.

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